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  • Photo with mothers of children on the autism spectrum
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  • Hi Dr. Theo, I've been meaning to write you since we visited in July with the Miliks! Ella had an absolutely amazing time visiting your lab. I'm so glad we went, she may never have had that opportunity and may never have known how much it interested her! She is asking for a microscope for Christmas :-) I see you are on the speaking list for the Autism Education Summit in Dallas next month - I'll see you there!
    L R July, 2014
  • Dr. Theoharides, Marina has accomplished so much especially since December 2012.... she has calmed down in general .....with some temper tantrums along the way. She is more responsive both physically and verbally. She has learned to get on and ride her bicycle.. She’s become more regular with stools and they do not smell so bad any more. She uses longer sentences 5 –7 words and uses two sentences together.......she describes things , actions and feelings Seems to be in better moods ....singing, dancing, running around and playing with her sister. She took part in the school play at end of school program.....spoke her lines, waited her turn to take the mike and danced along with other kids.....with no hysterics or crying..... Associates things better. Sleeps through the night with no crying or frantic wake ups......still opposed to going to bed and can delay a bit in going to sleep but no longer screaming frantically when it’s time to go to sleep. Generally good news
    C A June 21, 2013
  • Good evening Dr. Theo,I want to start by saying I think your work is miraculous. I admire the work you do, especially when it relates to children with Masto.
    J W September 16, 2013
  • The difference for Sophia is amazing and its has only been one month. Her pediatrician, Dr. Timothy Vaughn, is stunned by the difference and can’t wait for you to lecture again so he can come listen and meet you. The first thing they noticed with two weeks was the “poop” no longer typical autism spectrum poop, but solid, clean and not difficult for Sophia. Next they noticed her focus and speech. For the first time ever, her family commented on how great Sophia was at the family Christmas and what a difference in her they saw. But the call today was by far one of the best… Not only is Sophia greeting people and as we discussed has not one but two friends in her preschool class in which she is engaging in play and I don’t mean parallel play. The school o/t had noticed major improvements regarding self regulation and modulation which allows her to really work with Sophia to hit her IEP individual education plan-objectives. Every morning for the past two years I have asked Sophia for a good morning kiss and then kiss her. I know it is silly but even though she isn’t affectionate I haven’t give up. Yesterday and again this morningsomething amazing happened Sophia unprompted kissed me really kissed me! Two years ago I cried and cried all I wanted was for Sophia to kiss me I didn’t care if she didn’t speak just wanted a kiss.Thank you
    J C January 10, 2011
  • Hi Dr. Theoharides,I have two twin daughters, one a vibrant, inquisitive three year old with all the typical three year old traits and the other, closed off, no language, no social interaction and typical stims that I have seen from other typical children with Autism. Just talking her to the store was too much for them as she would scream at anyone new and start movements… Dr. Clements new about NeuroProtek and told Kandy to start on it.. She informed me that this was the only reason she could stop in was because her daughter was downstairs with a friend at the restaurant and for the first time in years she did not have to worry about leaving her. Her daughter had become a calmer version of herself… On this day, her daughter for the first time actually said “Hello” to an older man that hadopened the door for them. Kandy said she had never done this before and was just stunned… On December 22th…one of the girls starting singing to herself and was hard to tell which twin was autistic. I could see no difference between the girls, …I had gotten notes and calls from theteachers at Southside Elementary telling me of the amazing changes they are seeing in my daughter and wanting to know what was changed. She started interacting with the other kids on a regular basis and now goes out into the recess area to play with the other kids… NeuroProtek was the family’s Christmas miracle …I started to cry and wanted to make sure I told you that you, your research and NeuroProtek have giver me and my husband back something that could never be repaid. You should know that I will not be saying enough great things about NeuroProtek on the autism chat sites and no one is going to be safe from my NeuroProtek cheerleading.
    K M January 10, 2011
  • I wanted you to know that I have a 16yo on NeuroProtek now for 2 weeks. He is doing fantastic. This feedback is from his teacher…
    J B MD November 18, 2010
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